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Hi! René here. Nailing out the first of posts to share with you how we feel about growing Le Cool across the world.

After 10 years we feel stronger than ever about spreading our positive and useful magazine to tens, public health if not, population health hundreds of new cities around our planet. To be able to do so we want to make sure the model is flexible enough so that it caters to those who want to make a living from Le Cool, ambulance and also to those who would love to start Le Cool in their city but not as their main source of revenue.

The Business Partnership is what we have so far used to grow to the current markets, less Barcelona, Madrid and Lisbon. It requires a more financial funds, time dedication and focus, than the Ambassador partnership.

On the other hand starting Le Cool as a local Ambassador let’s you start up with no initial payment and is aimed towards one or several people that are passionate about their city, that wants to develop their editorial skills, team coordination and get all the positive upside you get when you are a Le Cool representative, bringing its unique style and value to your city.

We will shortly do a more detailed write up to highlight the differences of these models so that it becomes easier for you to pick which form is ideal for you.

Image by Andrew Goldsmith

Image by Andrew Goldsmith

Le Cool was founded in Barcelona in 2003 with the simple idea of sharing our city with our friends. The first product we created was the online newsletter with the first edition published in February 2003. We have since grown and today we have more than 250.000 friends (subscribers) across 10 European cities. LE COOL GROUP (HQ) runs three editions (Barcelona, stomach Madrid & Lisbon) while the remaining seven editions are run by local entrepreneurs.

Le Cool Magazine is a digital cultural agenda and alternative city guide – both online and through a weekly email newsletter – that offers a selection of the most worthwhile things to do in the city. We strive to make peoples’ lives better by guiding them to unique and authentic experiences.

It is very important for us that the content that we produce is authentic, stuff positive, unique and useful for our readers. This is summed up in our core purpose, ”Knowledge For Better Living”. We love our cities and sharing them with others and LE COOL aims to be like that very good friend who knows just what you might be looking for that day, not necessarily trendy – but really good.


A few years back we realized that for Le Cool to be truly successful we needed to team up with similar minded people that lives in the new city where we wanted to establish a presence. Currently we offer two types of partnerships; as a business partner or as an ambassador. More information below.


As a local partner you get an exclusive right to use the our brand, editorial platform and publishing system in your market. You get access to our knowledge database, manuals and training programs. Include is the right to sell generate revenue through advertising or other ways. You also get personal attention and help to make the most out of your new venture.


You must as a local partner have the dedication needed to create a really good magazine. That includes setting up and leading an editorial team as well as working actively to get more readers. If you are looking to make Le Cool into a living you will also have to be prepared to deal with sponsors, advertisers and brands.


There are two levels of partnerships with different rights and different costs. Both have a minimum cost of 300 euros monthly. We have a model where we help our local partner find local sponsors and/or founding members that help pay for that minimum cost. Read more about the difference of our two models here.

AMBASSADOR – For Passion

This model may not be available in for your city. If you are looking to set up Le Cool as a hobby then you should consider becoming an ambassador. Such a partnership has no set up costs, the contract duration is 12 months and any revenue generated is split 50/50 between the local partner and Le Cool. There is a minimal fee of 300 euros monthly until the city generates sales higher than 600 euros per month. It is also fine to not aim to generate any revenue and use our model of involving local sponsors and/or readers to cover the monthly cost.

BUSINESS PARTNER – For Passion and Making a Living

The business partnership is focused on those who aim to make a living from Le Cool. As a business partner you pay a non-refundable entry fee, starting at 5000 euros depending on the size of your city, which gives you the right to a five year contract with a 15% royalty on any sales made. In other words you keep 85% of all revenue. There is a minimal fee of 300 euros monthly until the city generates sales higher than 2000 euros per month.


Excellent! So, first off make sure we are not already in your city by checking on Sure? Ok, then go to the APPLY page and fill out the form. We will then get back to you shortly with more information. If you have any additional questions you should use this form.

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